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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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there were a lot of complaints about noise just on the patio. i agree it's not a lot of the noise in my estimation is street noise but i think that many of it enough to get complaints that was brought to us, you know, a lot of complaints at 620 jones. i think we need to proceed with caution. i'm not saying eventually it won't work but it will gain trust for the venue and when we decide to go on friday and a saturday we'll have a lot less push back. that will be the best way to proceed >> how many time would have to precede before they come back for friday and saturday.
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>> can we say number of events? >> no i don't think their outside - i mean this is the end of august it's going to rain in 60 or 75 days. >> last year, it didn't rain a whole lot. >> i'm not the weather man. >> i would say months or 2 months. >> i'll accept 3 months. >> and if there are no complaints or if there is not - i think staff can make this decision they don't have to come in here and a talk with us staff can make that choice. >> let me repeat our amendments. you're okay with changing the the conditions on the inside >> correct. >> you want to do sunday brunch
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from 7 to 4 at ambient. >> correct and okay. they he will come back and petition staff in '90 days if there are no major complaints to add on friday and a saturday. >> outside until 9 and the until ambiance. i accept your amendment i want to know if the commissioner has anything to add >> no, i like that. >> you do? and i like that and a do we have a second. >> we've had a second but i need clarification. okay. you want me to repeat motion? >> the only confusion i have is the indoor until 10 every tuesday. >> every night are of the week. >> tuesday tuesday through
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saturday. so let me repeat this to make it clear. remove the conditions on say l l that indoors tuesday through saturday until you 10:00 p.m. arrest outdoor for brunch at ambient and that will only go in effect once the sound electrician sets the ambient and they can come back 90 dazed to have friday and saturday added at 9:00 p.m. at ambient depending upon on complaints >> at the discretion of staff and a that's correct? >> correct. >> is the second okay with that. >> no, we refused the second and i'm the chair by the way,
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(laughter) >> i thought you were the second didn't you say? >> so is that clear. >> wait, wait. are we doing the minus 8? no, it's at the ambient and $0.31 it's at the discretion whether it's jones and a do all the commissioners understand the motion? >> yes. >> all right. any more comments >> i'm going to make a comment there's a sign at the loading area if you could put a sign down to keep the sound at the minimum saying it's for the neighbors so it's not you complaining but other people. >> let's take this to a vote.
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>> (calling names) >> thank you good luck to that. >> let's continue we have a lot of business. this is the application of permits this is imply permits. the first one is doing business at the 60 sixth street >> do have i have to recuse myself on this one. >> see you in a bit. >> this is for lubrication launch they were here over a another thing to get their permit by a questioning request was continued to allow for more discussion.
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they want to depreciate their extend hours and they received letters from supporting businesses. i believe they have an additional letter of support and staff has received no word of opposition >> great. can you come up and speak. >> chairman i'm mark i'm with my client ronnie. you should have in front of you a letter which really duces an issue that, you know, we can only touch on here but we should look at it. there's not that many large spaces with after hours permits in san francisco and over the last year we've lost 5 of them. as you know i he was in the business in the 80s and the
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business has changed a lot because it makes no financial sense to be open after hours. security is too expensive and if you're not selling drinks our losing money. there are two instances the end up crowd will be there from a hundred years from now. other than that it's gay male events that tend to go to 4, 5, 6 no longer and this letter lazy it out from gus who's been in business a long time. he's done events everywhere and he knows the business he's on my case do you know where the large spaces are. he likes to move around.
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i think we should take into consideration. this particular venue has after hours and pete has had this venue and had lived music in the basement and angel crews had this with a after-hour license. the zoning was changed to r f d which means if you lose this zoning 3 it will never come back. so it's an asset to this particular place. at this moment right now 6 inc. has a valid extended hour and has a liquor license. it has been close for a while but those permits are intact.
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i'd like to touch on a few things that p. we touched on this before and that's community outreach. commissioner perez said we should contact folks but we said we want to help you this is a 1 hundred and 50 unit housing for a lot of elderly and a lot of filipino over there and we want to be good neighbors. the neighborhood is changing it's somewhat dangerous. at the request of permit officer chan we the special extend hours security plan hopefully it's in our binder touching on a few
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things we're commented to not that i'm aware of the station of any after hours party and i would guess to be honest with you weren't going to have more than 4 or 5 in the years because of the financial issues. it talks about how are we going to keep it safe we're going to have a security person walking on sixth street sort of like what monarchy has now and the second job is to keep an eye on cars and things and market street which is approximately a half block away. we're going to have our more mature staff out there and for non-gay events there are be 50 guests and it's in excess of
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what the code requires. we're going to have somebody out there with a sound meter or near the front door to monitor it because this is more of an issue at the 2:00 a.m. prior to 2:00 a.m. with the 48 license we're going to collect the cans and close the bar down for 10 minutes. no one after 21 will be allowed after hours when no alcohol is being served and we're going to more diligently going to monitor our cell phones. and i think that's about it. i would request that the commission look at that. obviously 1060.5 and 1070 give a
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hard reason to deny that. we should be looking at the issue of rapidly getting rid of them - and i believe we should give an additional extension. my client is here if you have any questions >> thank you. questions from commissioners. commissioner perez >> how are you sharing our cell phone now u number with the community? >> ii think we'll put it on the website. i think we'll send outliers and hand it out with business cards or something. i think communication is a good thing to have between the community especially down there because it's sort of as i noted in my security plan there are a lot of paroles.
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people are trying to have a situation likes o-m-g that has had a tough time getting a foothold. my client bring the situation they have a deep enough pocket to wait this out and won't have to take any risk and are we talking about it out to people who might cause a problem >> when you guys were here last for the po e permit i know you guys are talking about using a part of the club is that open up for the basement? >> this has a large basement. it has is original side if you're looking at straight at the hotel the original side is on the jessie corner and we have the darkroom. we went to the planning
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department to expand that 5 years ago. it was a pretty beautiful space. right now we have a crew in there that's putting that as a high-end allegiance. we have the drapes and it's going to be a nice lounge. we're going to try to attract and market to the supporters of the world and see what happens. they're in discussions right now with the 50133 to utilizes part of the basement just for the music for the community. at this point it doesn't make n any financial expense and the reinstated is fairly inexpensive so they're to open it up for a
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quarter of the space >> i know it pretty much what you would get from the community leadership alliance by since you went to the b i a n e o n a in time i was wondering is there something that you derived from them that you didn't get from the neighborhood groups? and a yes, a different we went to urban solution trying to build the community through business. i think that down there the people who are striving to make that a real community and better are 80 percent nonprofits that have hotels or store for the purposes down there. you know, another 20 percent businesses and around are there
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are the alliance groups that has constant contact with those people. i think it's important for the businesses as they communicate and do go to those people they have concern needs and for my clients to give out 10 turkeys on thanksgiving is like a no brainier and it's nothing but to those people it's a a lot. so we can all help each other and they can get back to us with certain needs and to utilize the space and especially in san francisco it's extremely price i didn't. everybody's going to be down there making the street great >> and you know there's a grant and additional money from the mayor's office coming from
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safety and street improvements so hopefully, you'll hear more from us what the night life needs and wants. >> any other questions or comments. from the police? >> hello, i'm captain from the summer station. there's a couple of issues we're going to have with this permit. one of the concerns i have we're talking about an after hours permit before the club is opposite side. i've put in a lot of work and some of the businesses that are mentioned are not the businesses are right around the coroner from the alley or businesses i've dealt with. i don't know where the outreach was done but we've not been
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provided with that i'd like to see the letters of the folks. i've had meetings with bilingual house and they do a lot of great things for the neighborhood they also have a program for young adults and we've been part of that program. that's one of the places in the area that i don't think will be effected by the night club life because a lot of the place is closed. i'd like to see the outreach more of the businesses to the club. i don't have a lot of historical data. i have a lot of concerns with the club being there but eventually we're dealing with the club after hours permit.
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i be that the long run it's going to be a positive thing on the street and i look forward to making the business do well, there but i'd like to work with them prior to having them get an after hours permit issued. i know it will be a good indication. they mentioned the letter that was present to you. i believe their club only holds 4 hundred and 90 people so this club is talking about having parties up into the 9 hundred and seven hundred people so it who accommodate the parties this facility is looking for. i will assist in helping them as they reach out to the communities. we have a lot at stake with
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sixth street in the mid market area. so i think in the long run it will be a positive thing and a successful business it's but it's their responsibility to educate the residents with a fundamental night club going on. i know the owner of the organization m g and had my meeting at the monarchy and we've had a good relationship with them. i plan on continuing that relationship but we ask you wait until the place opens. i walk up there everyday i have not seen any construction in regards with the club being close to being opened. on our part as the department we let the club open and we can
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talk about an after hours permit once we see what we're dealing with. any questions >> yeah, so they definitely have done outreach and the idea is they're getting an idea of the neighborhood and the concerns there. and they have absolutely flild that so far as i'm concerned. and did they not come to the south of market community group way back when? tonight is the first night i've met this gentleman and not the owner tail. >> you said i have many, many concerns about it being an after hours. i know that this street is like an area of intensely how crime.
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why would higher traffic not benefit the desolation that happens there at night that is >> i think one of the things is not having more people on sixth street is not going to help you think the business is going to succeed and will help the neighborhood. so far as the crime it's hard to measure because we have not had a night club on sixth street. i don't know how to measure that until they open and i see what kind of business >> when did club 6 close? >> i've been there and i think it's been over a year and approximately a year. >> we have around 7 permits up and down the street and we does
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have a lot of complaints if i'm correct. >> they are not and we have a great relationship with those businesses. i want to express the club is not opened and i want to develop that relationship prior to them having is steentd hours >> are there any clubs on sixth street that have extended hours. >> the monarch had it. but the stipulation was they were open for a while and then we just proofed their extend hour permit in the last few months. >> how far away. the monarch would be a half
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block away >> o-m-g has extended hours? >> no. >> do you have any - i don't know. i didn't ask this. do you have any idea when luks intends to open. can i tell you the continued opening of luks end of september. forgive me. the this application you've provided is the application for tonight's hearing. the san francisco at the scene of the accident application dated may 14 this is yours?
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under your days of operation monday through sunday 4 to 1 or 2:00 a.m. occasionally 4:00 a.m. sunday through wednesday 8:00 p.m. a 1:00 a.m. and it almost feels like you're not asking for after hours. i mean, you're application is an occasional 4:00 a.m. - i mean, you are asking for after hours? >> yes, we're asking for after hours. i don't know if you were here this i discussed it but it's sort of a gay male dance phenomena after hours. we don't get those crowds but we maybe a little bit early. gus has indicated he wants to do
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things in there but other than that it's not our intention to open after hours and this group has three or four after hours permits and it's better to put them in there for a safety issue >> any other comments before we open public comment. >> have you had any issues with monarch having after hours permits. >> not at all. >> but you want to be careful with the extended after hours to make sure the new applicant will not add. >> well, my main concern is i haven't seen a lot of activity around the club and i've not seen any kind of construction or
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work on the club so i don't think it hurts that we develop a relationship. i think it's going to be a positive thing for sixth street. but that would serve is owners two to work together and solve the issues they may not be any issues >> i think there's going to be predictors of what's going to be successful. it's part of the communication and outreach they do so, you know, there are folks who apply to us who never run their business for entertainment after hours so to say they haven't opened yet is not a fair thing to hold against them. a person should not be running the business until they come to us. there's a communication barrier
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by your concern is heard. this process is to really is if you meet all those exceptions that we have come back duo to us >> we talked before so i mean, i have a pretty good relationship and i look forward to working with them. we have to give our concerns to you about the community and that's where we stand >> appreciate that. so can we open it up our public comment? thank you very much. if you're coming to speak come towards the podium >> i live at 124 tooush.
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i have great respect for the captain because i see him walking around and talking with people and he's involved with the neighborhood. i'd ask you approve the - and what the young man is asking for but to make sure that the captain i mean - yeah, the captain has some type of involvement because they involved in the businesses on that street. so we have to balance it out so thanks >> thank you. any other public comment? >> hi i'm michael i'm the executive director for the district six. the applicant has come to one of
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our community meetings. we did inform them of the other community groups therapy told to go to other community groups they've done that. they've done what's been asked of them and they've obviously, the owners have other establishments so they know what they're getting into so - you know, i think the thing is your obligation is to go through a check list to meet the requirements so your due diligence has been met so it could be to our favor to approve the applicant and mitigate 31 any outstanding things you think are on the permit but they obviously seem to have all the


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